Our company - promptly developing company which will help you to pick up practically any pumps available on sale in Rostov-on-Don. At us you will find the qualitative pump technics and spare parts on pumps from leading European manufacturers that guarantees reliability and durability of use of our goods. In the site catalog the following equipment from a warehouse in Rostov-on-Don is presented: centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, water supply systems, peripheral and pool pumps, circulating pumps, booster pumps, garden pumps, vibration pumps. 

To make a correct choice and to buy necessary of all variety of the pumps presented to sale, to begin with let's consider features of pump technics.


Water-supply pump stations - are stations , automatically supply the object water consisting of a self-priming pump, pressure tank and electronic control system. The electronic control unit pump station greatly facilitates the process of making it more productive, as their own on and off the system by the given parameters. Pump stations for industrial scope and address a broad spectrum of problems associated with feeding and cleaning water.
To choose the right pump or pump station above all pay attention to the efficiency of this device. No less important are accessories and materials that make up the equipment for water supply. We are holders of a certificate dealer Pedrollo, guaranteeing the quality of the pumps for sale in Rostov-on-Don.
Circulation pumps - the most important element of system of heating and water delivery. Circulation pumps create high circulation of liquids in heating and air conditioning systems, providing constant giving of hot water, deducing the cooled down water back in a water heater. Modern models of circulation pumps are completely automated. It means that these models are arranged under the set parameters, on what the type of a building and air temperature doesn't influence in any way. One more plus of such pump is an absence of noise which arises in pipes and batteries.
Submersible garden pumps - allow to pump over the dirty water from water basins and pools. They are intended for assignment of dirty water from collector pipes. Also submersible garden pumps carry out such functions as pumping out of water from a floor and from the water drain.
Submersible pumps - find the application in household and industrial water delivery. Also submersible pumps are irreplaceable for an irrigation in agriculture, for example, providing water delivery from a chink in water supply system then water can be used for watering in gardening. Also submersible pumps apply to decrease in level of underground waters and pressure increase.
 Our company represents you a wide choice of the qualitative and certificated pumps ready to sale in Rostov-on-Don with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Also at us you can get pumps by the wholesale on the reasonable prices. Our company aspires that to our clients was as much as possible comfortable therefore the prices for pumps in Rostov at us much more low, than at our competitors. Address to us, and we will be glad to you to help.