Our company is a large, dynamically developing, wholesale-retail company. In the markets of Russia and the CIS countries, we represent production under own trade mark AquamotoR and STC, and also such known companies as Pedrollo and others.

Mission of our company is simple and laconic — we aspire to introduce in life of people qualitative production for reasonable price.

For this purpose also our company has been created. Following our mission we aspire to capture all groups of consumers of our production. We work as with the large industrial enterprises and the wholesale-retail companies, and with final buyers, creating a network of the retail shops. 
Proceeding from our mission, we have conditionally divided production represented by our company, on two groups - industrial and household.
Industrial group of the goods: 
- Frequency-regulated drives 
- Reducers and motors-reducers 
- Electric motors
Household group of the goods: 
- Pumps and pump stations 
- Hydroaccumulators  
- Accessories for water supply and heating systems 
Production represented by our company, has all necessary certificates and permissions. For satisfaction of requirements of our clients we have created the service center where it is carried out guarantee and after guarantee support of production. At the given stage of development of our company, we conduct the strengthened work on creation of a network of the authorized service centers in other regions of Russia that any buyer of our production could solve all questions which can arise while in service the goods in the shortest terms.
We have created professional collective of a sales department which will effectively consult, will help to complete and send any order of the Buyer, in is minimum possible terms and with the minimum expenses. For reduction of time for a complete set and production sending, we have created an effective warehouse complex on which the big operative stock of production is always supported. And for the satisfaction, constantly growing requirements of our buyers, we work with a demand advancing, constantly filling up and expanding assortment of our warehouse stocks.
Values and principles of our company as are simple and clear, as well as our mission. They are similar to a compass and don't allow to us to get off from a correct course in routine of daily activity and always remind us of that, properly to concern work, clients and colleagues.
Satisfaction of requirements of our clients.
In our mutual relations with the buyer, we always aspire to use a principle of our mission — to put qualitative production for reasonable price. And to make it as fast as possible and simply that our buyer could be easy focused on performance of the purposes and problems. It is a basis of our vision of mutual relations between the seller and the buyer. This principle reflects our aspiration to the full to understand requirements and expectations of our clients, offering all of them new innovative decisions.
Principle of continuous development
In our work we aspire to develop constantly always to be on one step ahead of market expectations. For this purpose we invest researches of consumer demand, we put in development of abilities of our employees, we introduce new technologies under the authority of sales and we develop own brand. It allows us to support high level of the employees and, accordingly, to satisfy any requirements of our buyers. This principle allows our company not only to establish the ambitious purposes, but also effectively to reach them.
Simple decisions
In all sides of interaction with our buyers, we use a principle of simple decisions. It equally concerns and production which we offer and we advance. At world around there is a large quantity of complexities and the problems which decision takes away a large quantity of time which became the most scarce product in modern life from the person. For this reason we always adhere, in mutual relations with buyers, simple and, as consequence, to fast and effective decisions, and our production, despite the technological complexity, is very easy-to-work.
Effective command
Being guided by the given principle, we try to realize all rich potential of our employees, achieving creation of uniform collective of adherents that allows our company to reach the ambitious purposes. We involve in cooperation of the best experts, creating the strong and versatily focused working groups. We promote disclosing of potential of our employees, creating atmosphere of mutual trust and support. We work together and we allocate resources for formation of perspective possibilities.